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Our Story

How it started

Exotic trips to the beloved island brought me to a small family manufactory where zenTree design jewelry collections are born. Bali and the art radiating on every corner of the island are simply love at first sight.

Handmade with love 

Each of the masterpieces are produced handmade from the start to the end. Woven from silver, clad in oriental patterns. Extraordinary. Jewelry with a soul that shines with its precision of production and unique patterns. 

Born of tradition

Balinese art of silver production is transferred from generation to generation in almost unchangeable form. It is a reflection of the faith and culture of the island's inhabitants. Jewelry made by Balinese artists with the preservation of traditional techniques is full of the magic of this exceptional place.

Full of senses

Come with us on a far journey full of colors, flavors and smells to the end of the world. Discover original jewelry made with love on the magical island of Bali.



zenTree design